plays an important roll nowadays, because musical scales (that our crystal-quartz singing bowls give) can automatically be pulled up or accelerated by CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. Whenever your name, date of birth and signature give the correct properties of SACRED GEOMETRY, BREATHING AND MUSIC HARMONY follow by:

This BUBBLE NET PHOTON WEB IS HELPING US TO RESIST THE ENVIRONMENTS( the Merkaba of the space-time continuum) ACCELERATION’S OF FIFTH ANTI-DIMENSION IN OUR PRESENT LIFE AT 533,000km/sec IN THE HORIZONTAL AXIS, meanwhile we learn to liberate our KARMAS OR SINS (as errors, limitations, obstacles, ignorance, fears, egos)If we do not learn fast ( the 2011, 2012, 2013 are the breakthrough years) then 33-50% of the inhabitants of planet Earth will be caught for thousands of years in a Karmic (suffering situation),not taking the opportunity of liberating all karmic passives, to get the LIBHT BODY,AND NO MORE SUFFERING NO MORE KARMA WITH THIS LIGHT BODY.NEVER BEFORE THE PLANET HAS HAD A TRANSITION TO FIFTH ANTI-DIMENSION. The Mayan civilization, the Egyptian civilization had a transition, some of its people to this anti-dimension, but never BEFORE the whole inhabitants and the planet itself.


Other of the functions of this BUBBLE NET PHOTON BELT is to smooth the change which will occur before 2012 (be aware that Neptune, goes out of Aquarius space where he has been for years at the end lf 2011). Uranus went out of Aquarius space where he was for some 84 years on February of 2003).This change has happened every 26,000years as a Precession movement of all the zodiac, the switch of the South pole to the North pole. Nowadays this BUBBLE NET PHOTON BELT WILL HELP ALL OF US, NOT TO BE SPREAD AWAY OUT OF THE PLANET BY THE EFFECT OF GRAVITY AT THE SHIFT OF THE POLES.


At this momentum is necessary the knowledge of the law that enunciates: While GRAVITY INCREASES(BY THE DENSE FORMS OF OUR THOUGHT,ACTION,FEELINGS REPRESENTED AS EVIL FORCES ,IN SINS AND KARMAS:ERRORS,IGNORANCE,FEARS,EGOS,LIMITATIONS),the velocity of light d e c r e a s e s in a less acceleration of 300,000KM/SEC.When the SPEED OF LIGHT INCREASES IN ACCELERATION OVER 300,000km/sec THE ANTI-GRAVITY VECTOR AND FIELD (THE MIRROR OF THE GRAVITATATION VECTOR AND FIELD): works by the virtues of our soul:

­ ↑

Gravity (+) antigravity (-)

As we are taught in all religions, then the spiritual being in each one of every earth inhabitants IS AWAKEN, GRAVITY THEN DECREASES. Then you can evolve.

AT A LEVEL OF ASTROLOGY, ASTRONOMY,ASTROPHYSICS AND COSMOGONY we are having the gravitational p u l l s for the shift of the north-south pole every 26,000years,.From the sun in ALCION AT THE PLEYADES IN TAURUS CONSTELATION, THE CENTRAL SUN OF OUR GALAXY,THE MILKY WAY, AT ORION,TOWARD THE SUN OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEMS AS THEY ARE gravitation pulls, we must help for the anti-gravitation equilibrium, by our prayers, and correct behavior, with our crystal-quartz Alchemy and Advanced Alchemy Singing Bowls.


It is how we are ascending and advancing in our behavior, in the acceleration of energy / light represented in our thoughts at 466,000KM/SEC,feelings and actions. Evolution is each step by step of our progress toward GOD.WHEN WE CAN UNDERSTAND THIS UNDER A MULTIDIMENSIONAL CONSCIENCIOUSNESS, TO THINK IS A CREATION, TO TALK IS A CREATION, AND TO ACT IS A CREATION. We must have very clear in mind that what we create, honors us, following with the divine law of cause and effect (action-reaction),where with EVOLUTION comes KARMA AND REINCARNATION (OUR FAR AWAY MEMORY).These are the three laws that rule our cosmos and universes in it.


Is that person that has NO pureness in her thoughts, word and actions. Is when a person has KARMA OR SINS (the decrease of the acceleration in the speed of light); then, you can not go over in the last increase from 266,000KM/SEC. to 300,000KM/ fourth anti-dimension, when mass is liberated as energy, in the process: as energy was concentrated in mass, and is now liberated. This space-time of the difference between 300,000-266,000= 34,000 is the contact to the band of bioenergy always in zero point, exactly in the momentum it touches 300,000.But, the equilibrium of forces, charges, space-time-gravity-anti-gravity must be in harmony. Equilibrium here means: the angles as light goes up from Planck’s constant after zero, at 30◦ degrees must touch the angle from the light that comes down from God at 45◦ degrees, exactly in the MERKABA. (Down means less acceleration, as decrease, up means going with more acceleration in an increase routing).Each contact of every three dimension-three anti-dimension goes to a zero.(You can observe this movement in the Matrix of The Quadrature of the Circle). It has a scientific support in the understanding of the word t r a n s f o r m a t i o n with two equations Einstein gave us:

E=mc2 and E=hc/λ

The change or transformation contact from a dimension → (+) route is a black hole. From an anti-dimension ← (-) route is a white hole: when they contact are represented in a zero (0). A dimension-anti-dimension is presence in space-time as is followed by the speed or acceleration of light.

INVOLUTION is to live in IGNORANCE,(that is the lack of GODS LIGHT IN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS); to live with hate, bitterness, fear, with ego, insecurity, indecision, lust, envy, avarice, frustration, vengeance, etc. All these feelings separate us from GOD, and will support your suffering, the lack of success in each one of us.

Albert Einstein gave science the equation of the double behavior or two identities of light, in relation to energy, as a particle of light or photon, to the longitude of the wave of light, now under the identity of a wave (l).This equation under the mysticism point of view gives us a MERKABA for the liberation of our light body, under the action-reaction(cause-effect),and as liberation of dense forms exactly as Karisma said in the TRANSFORMATION INTO OUR LIGHT BODY,IT IS:

E=hc/λ where E=a dimension; hc/λ= an anti-dimension.

The e n e r g y of a particle of light=E

h= the constant of Planck (6.6256 X 10-27 ERG-SECOND)

c= the speed of light at 300,000KM/SECOND.

This equation shows us that after the contact by a unit measurement of charges(+),(-),associated the (+) charge to a dimension, the (-)charge to an anti-dimension, in zero(0),the nothing, the void, to say, whatever was t r a n s f o r m e d in that point of space-time-gravity is recycled again into a l o g i c of a dimensional r e a l i t y, in the little but little number of PLANCK’S CONSTANT which is over zero (0).This constant (h) divides the PHYSIC OF NEWTON and the PHYSIC OF EINSTEIN and other scientists of the last century.


It is as when we know how to identify the energy or accelerated light that comes down (from the original acceleration of what is GOD the father), that is to say in the spiritual or divine plane in a Y o u and I (GOD) attachment, as it has been explained in a MERKABA: the divine plane or anti dimension is as certain reality you can not sense with your normal 5 senses. The spiritual plane belongs to the invisible reality (-) charge, an anti-dimension or mirror image reality, only noticed by the Extra Sensorial Perception. But, by the development in your brain, mostly in persons born after 1948, this is a special space-board of your behavior, in the horizontal line RUNE 49,WHICH GIVES THE Extra Sensorial Perception, and here is where we have the board of our behavior in cosmic GEOMETRIC symbols or RUNES. It is h o w we are able to ASSIMILATE “To be spiritual”, more exactly how you can assimilate in the day by day interchange of you with God in his light as holy spirit (a less acceleration, of his light, than the one a zero can give).It is how we learn to communicate and have a respect for GOD and other persons around us.

OUR FATHER GOD, with the astrological aspect in August 11, 2001,lower his light in a straight line or aspect at 180 degrees. This aspect was between the Sun and Uranus; this planet represents Aquarius,(the new age).,and Leo ruled by the Sun is the complementary opposite of Aquarius, as a mirror image, one with the other. The direct light of GOD came to the lowest vibration as an anti-dimension that may exist, that is the 4th,5th,6th,to BEGIN THE WORK OF THE MERKABA(ELECTROMAGNETIC LIGHT IN CONtra-turn…..), OR A DIMENSION-ANTI-DIMENSION,AFTER EVERY THREE DIMENSIONS A ZERO CONTACT APPEARS. The understanding of the MERKABA TO MYSTICISM IS a trilogy: God, the father (1), God the Son(2), and God the holy spirit (3), ( Please observe The Matrix of The Quadrature of the Circle), in a continuous recycle of energy/light as Einstein’s equation supports the mathematical and scientific UNDERSTANDING of the MERKABA:Follow the Matrix Chart 2 of 72◦


This MERKABA helps the natural opening of our helixes, and then by the understanding enlighten in our CONSCIOUSNESS AFTER WE HAVE THE HELIX OPENNING,, we can have a better behavior without sprain or wrench. The Labor of JESUS CHRIST,THE SOLAR LOGOS OF THE PLANET BEGAN, as he was giving the aperture of helixes to each person, in relation to their behavior, so each one of us can make a resonance with the PHOTON BUBBLE NET AS THE CONSCIOUSNESS WITH WHICH CHRIST BUILT WITH HIS ENERGY/LIGHT. With this, we all (He and us), collaborate to the EVOLUTION OF THE PLANET EARTH AND ITS PEOPLE IN FIFTH ANTI-DIMENSION (IN THE HORIZONTAL AXIS, IN FIFTH DIMENSION, OR 13 DIMENSION IN THE VERTICAL AXIS. The acceleration of the speed of light at fifth anti-dimension is 533,000KM/SEC.At fifth vertical dimension (13th. dimension) it is at 12,586,230 KM/SEC. The top opening of helixes velocity is this acceleration of 13th dimension, in the fifth musical octave.


At this acceleration in fifth vertical dimension, is when a person with 13 helixes consider an avatar is able to assimilate and project the light of God now in a dimension plane from past toward future, and with the (+) charge of a dimension plane, the correct direction of the vector toward the right à so he can pull up the energetic/light web of the first octave in third dimension, going in the direction of third dimension (as well as charge and vector direction toward the right). At this dimension, is where most people is vibrating, with 2.5 helixes. It is top in importance because at 12 helixes, the vibration plane is an anti-dimension or a mirror and a person vibrates from future to past, and may have problems in his conscience and in the work he might be having in a mission of a spiritual development for this human race and planet. At 12 helixes an avatar is not in the force he needs for his best development in all his bodies, when vibrating in his life in planet earth. The acceleration of 12 helixes is very difficult to project as Karisma said in the common life of this planet. He will go in a contra-turn with third dimension and would not be able to help the third dimensional plane in the first musical octave. Certain alterations and no harmony come to be. So it is more secure for an avatar to have 13 helixes to vibrate at the fifth musical octave of 13 dimension, the fifth dimension in the vertical plane, then he will be able to help the past lives of people in third dimension so their future lives can be well tune up.(FIFTH ANTI-DIMENSION AS THE FIFTH DIMENSION IN THE HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL AXIS BELONG TO THE SOUL BODY IN RELATION TO JESUS CHRIST,AS THE SOLAR LOGOS OF PLANET EARTH, IN CHARGE OF THE EVOLUTION OF ITS PEOPLE).In our soul body is where we have the acceleration of the speed of light in 533,000 Km./Sec. is our conduct behavior.

Please observe the g e o m e t r y in the m o v e m e n t of our DNA, the a s c e n s i o n of our light toward G o d; the descent of GODS light to us in the Tree Of Life, in a zig-zag. This GEOMETRY AND ITS MOVEMENT is associated to our DNA and chromosomes and to our consciousness levels. Each level of consciousness has a way to see reality: of what is good and not good, and a way to communicate and respect God. In each level of consciousness a subdivision of 12 degrees exist, (as a chromatic scale in music).We have three identities for our genetics: from our father, our mother and from our soul. This last one represents our WORK AND LEARNING IN EACH INDIVIDUAL LIFE, and the one that helps us l i b e r a t e the KARMAS INHERITED FROM OUR PARENTS ( as is our ignorance which goes through by a not good education, with errors, fears, wishes, and they pass as distortions that we did not work well over the genetics of our soul, with our determinism, power of will and character, so our personality can become more in an equilibrium. Personality is a function of the genetics of the soul, our character is a function in the genetics of your parents. We need to l I b e r a t e the incorrect movements and angles in the acceleration of the speed of light at an atomic and subatomic level within our D N A AND CONSCIOUSNESS. We can find easily the KARMA of our soul in the vertical axis. Karisma has a spiral tarot design to find the D n a vertical genetics in her book in Parapsychology, so every one can learn by this teachings and help themselves to overcome all their conflicts in the scheme of their vertical attachments of what has been passives in energy/light of good –bad relation, and to liberate them just by having the tarot card figure in the number-charge-space-time-position in the DNA Tarot card Readings. It works as hypnosis but in an awake state, never sleepy, the person is always in conscious state, very awake.

We need to work correctly in the genetics of our soul so we can LIBERATE THE LIMITATIONS OF A FAMILY KARMA. The energy/light of any KARMA takes seven generations to be liberated in the horizontal axis time (past-present-future), following the double movement of rotation and translation which give the day and the year’s cyclic movement in a spiral shape geometry the logarithmic asymmetric spiral or Phi. If we do not LEARN how to liberate this KARMA we will have the same direction of sickness, fears, ignorance, errors, sins, from one generation to the other, followed by seven generations and so on until it goes for thousands of years all the trash of passives as energy/light of the not correct behavior in our perception of reality of what is good and not good. God is not SEPARATED FROM ALL OF US,HE IS INSIDE US, AS A THIRD LEVEL CONSCIOUSNESS UNDERSTANDS IT. Aborigines have 44 chromosomes, with a first level of consciousness; our race has 46 chromosomes, with a second level consciousness. The one in transformation in this Aquarius Era, has 48 chromosomes, The Christic Consciousness in a third level of consciousness, where bad and good are not in opposition but in equilibrium and harmony as, the 3 identities of God : God the Father, God the SON,GOD the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ brought us the truth and the Grace of the Holy Spirit, and Moses brought us the LAW .It is an effort and the big transformation of the Old Testament to the New Testament in the reunification of Christ and Moses with the Jews. Whenever we are working our meditations and direct thoughts in the vertical axis, we only take one second of our effort and can liberate our past life Karmas.

The zero, as a zero constant of space-time-gravity(means no effect to of either of them in that place of the zero),is as a hurricane eye, it then goes to affect each atom at a subatomic and atomic level, or at the PHOTON BELT WHICH IS A ZERO TOO. It is also a channel of what is known as BIOENERGY, where God gave us life in a state of perfection; that is as his image (a mirror of God himself). It is in this channel that all consciousness, and the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom keep the a c c e n t of divinity in life as a biological function. By this channel is where ALL MEDICINE WORKS AND CAN KEEP ITS ACTION OF HEALING. Medicine: (ALTERNATIVE,AYURVEDIC,HOLISTIC, VIBRATIONAL, ALOPATHY,HOMEOPATHY,MAGNETIC,HERMETIC).By this channel too, all dense forms of thoughts and feelings, parasites, bacteria, virus, come in to every person, when that person does not know how to keep clean this channel without the bad environment. We need to get GOD’S help in the neutral charge (0) meaning no tension, no conflict, no compression. How? with meditation, deep rhythmical breathing, good thoughts, actions, feelings, a balance food in acid and alkaline, mantras and musical-gematria, our crystal-quartz singing bowls give us a shield and reinforcement of (GOD’S accent of love, harmony, charity, mercy in us by our BIOENERGY).This Bioenergy gives our life, our health, beauty, success, and supports our E v o l u t I o n and communication with GOD, if we handle it well. This channel of Bioenergy, is built up as a spiral, the logarithmic asymmetric spiral or Phi. Every three dimensions must have a contact by a zero (0), or hole with its anti-dimension, in a MERKABA. The black hole connects a dimension,a white hole connects an anti-dimension.

Our DNA Zig-zag Movement at 30 Degrees In The Matrix of The Quadruature of the Circle

Our DNA Zig-zag Movement at 30 Degrees In The Matrix of The Quadruature of the Circle

The symbolism of number two in the 2002 goes to: Jesus Christ, as God the Son, the second identity of GOD, 2=our subconscious (the area of our dreams, of hypnosis the area of our D N A, in fourth anti-dimension) 2=the moon 2= women. The moon rules over our subconscious mind. The two two’s (2 +0+0+2) =4 in this equation bring the influence of Saturn’s light, which h e l p s us to come out of the dream or illusion which this race has lived for thousands of years in a second level c o n s c I o u s n e s s. WE are using geometry. We must not forget that geometry is a solid part of pure mathematics. Einstein said, “Gravity is the curvature of space-time.” Then gravity is pure geometry. A straight line begins to curve at fourth anti-dimension by the acceleration of our light toward God. When it reaches the speed of light at 300,000KM/SEC.this velocity is a rule for measurement in our cosmos, universes, galaxy’s, solar systems, a s well as planets. The straight line finishes to curve at 7th.dimension at a speed of 1,262,618 KM/SEC. When the geometry of the spiral, you can see it in the first pages,( in this analysis Man is built up by the waves in space-time around him, or it’s similar an asymmetric logarithmic spiral structure geometry, or the Star of David, with six points).This symbol in zig zag, is the geometry of the m o v e m e n t of the atom, D N A, the electric charges in our brain, and they have an alignment in a vertical axis. You must follow it in the numbers 1,4,7,10; 2,5,8,11; 6,9,12.If you follow that alignment, you can conserve the unification of the three fields: electric, magnetic, gravitation, anti-gravitation, as well as the angles, as God light descends at 45degrees,and 30 degrees, as we ascend our energy/light, going up after zero, in Planck’s constant (h),yes our vibration goes up toward God (an ascension of our energy/light toward God).The contact at 7th dimension is very important, that is where symmetry becomes asymmetry, at 1,1262,618KM/SEC. At the vertical trilogy of the Holy Spirit,(in an eternal present time).Here is where you, he, she, us, assimilate (after we have learned), the light of the Holy Spirit instantaneously. It is where the Binary base recycles with the ternary Base 3.Please observe the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle, of how the zig-zag movement is similar to this movement and geometry, of the atom, D N A. If you draw this geometry, and follow mentally this movement you can get the correct acceleration for the dimension-anti-dimension cycles of Gods light in our consciousness, in the movement of the electrical charges as flow of energy/light in our brain. If you follow this exercise, you liberate any blockade to get the light of God in your consciousness.

The movement of the atom coincides with the POINTS of the movement of D N A in our genetics and with the POINTS of the ascension and dissension of the Light of God in the channels of the Tree of Life: it is a similar movement of an anti-dimension (mirror, illusion, the invisible world, to our five senses),-dimension (reality in the visible world of our five senses).You can follow the movement in zig-zag in the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle, column or vertical axis from 0,-3,-6,-9,-12.This axis or column, represents the mirror. We are measuring the mirror. It will form or structure a zig-zag movement from 3 to –3,(please imagine the connecting line),from 6 to –6,from 9 to –9,from 12 to –12 to enter 13 in a dimension plane In our nowadays microscopes, the D N A movement is viewed in a zig-zag movement of only two helixes. The reason is as there is no resonance to higher velocities that are needed over the speed of light, only two helixes can be observed. The velocities for an anti-dimension most needed are 300,000 KM/SEC., 466,000KM/SEC.533,000 KM/SEC.(in fifth anti-dimension),this light filaments cannot be seen, either in higher dimension-anti-dimension. At this time in this race, you can have only13 helixes. I will explain how this happens. In a triangle of three equal parts, (60 degrees) each part), the part in front of you is the future, and you see it in front of you. Past time is the back of the triangle; present time is you in the moment of the observation. Time then is an acceleration or increase or decrease (decelerate) the speed of light. Future is at 710,577 KM./SEC. Past at 400,000KM/SEC,Present at 200,000KM/SEC.-266,000KM/SEC.The MYSTERY IS: 3helixes in one triangle, front part, 3 helixes in one triangle, back part That is the first triangle in the star of David at 60 degrees, the one pointing up. The other triangle at 60 degrees pointing down, has 3helixes in it’s front part, and 3 helixes in it’s back part. All of them make 12 helixes. The 13 helix is the center of the double star of Salomon or Star of David.

The Star of David = Phi = 72 Degrees = The Logarithmic Asymmetric Spiral

The Star of David = Phi = 72 Degree = The Logarithmic Asymmetric Spiral

The year 2002 is a great void as a zero in the left turn of the MERKABA 0=2-0-0-2(-) It is as a zone of cleaning our energy/light from our errors, ignorance fears, egos, sins, or Karmas. The year 2003 WAS the beginning of the millennium. How Karisma decide this observation? From the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle where numbers, equations vectors, charges, geometry, forces (centripetal, centrifugal), the speed of light, the chromatic & diatonic scales of music are used as units of measurements.


0                    1                      2                             3

2 0 0 2 2 0 0 3 (in a left turn:0=2-0-0-2;1=2-0-0-3 (-)

(2+0+0+2=4→ in a right movement) in the:

Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle

The Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle is a map of the creation of God, symbolized in numbers and all the Unit Measurements used by Karisma in the Unified System of Measurements of her new Physics. It gives us the understanding of how God projects his light within his creation, as well as his own DNA given by a mind projection to create our DNA. The vectors and the electric charges give the direction of the flow of energy/light following the duality of light, as energy or light. Chart 2, the 72° Matrix is very special because it demonstrates the equivalence of the Asymmetric Logarithmic Spiral (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol…) with the Star of David or Hexagon with Phi and the relation to the (0) Zero. So we can understand with the Theorem of Pythagoras when Karisma moved the hypotenuse from a +3 to the zero channel of -3 with 30° the unit measurement to the right by geometry of the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle gives a 72° triangle. It demonstrates that when we are unified to God we maintain a perfect balance as we were created by Him, of his energy/light in our atoms, cells, thoughts, emotions …It is as well unified with our Heart Chakra.

Let us listen to the interview “The meaning of Mirrors in my Work” Vol. 1 track 4 & 7: confront p. CDS

Digital Copy

Physical Copy

Equation of Rhythm By Karisma

Equation of Rhythm By Karisma Copyright 1983 - 1985 - 1998

This equation of Rhythm is multidimensional why? Because simultaneously we can handle any acceleration of the speed of light either in a dimension or anti- dimension in its own Merkaba. She did it in a Literature and Poetry Analysis, way back in time as a college student in the I.T.E.S.M. Follow it in “Análisis Análogico en lo Poético y Musical: Gerardo Diego- Federico Chopin “Nocturno No.XI op. 37 No. 1 ( copyright © 1983.) p. Books

Confront p.20 Chart 2 the 72° Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle it shows the chromatic scale of music (inside a diatonic scale of music) as we EVOLVE. These two scales are unified as we are unified with God Our Creator. The Heart Chakra in F through its geometry of the Star of David or the Asymmetric Logarithmic Spiral or Phi demonstrates it as the action of God in us (our Heart).p. 20 “Things we Must Know About Crystal-Quartz Bowl Vibration. Crystal – Quartz Bowls Tools for Transformation.” P. Books

One of the important breakthroughs in The Unified System of Measurements in the New Transformed Physics of Karisma is when she moves the equations in the mathematical framework of her work: The Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle. This movement of the equations of the most important Physicists unified the work of all of them in now time, so we can use the work of them.

Karisma is working in this Matrix Chart 2 the 72° Matrix with three equations: her important equation of Rhythm ( R = v/ T ) with two equations of Einstein: ( E = mc2

E = hc/λ )

Matrix of 72 Degrees for Absorption of Photons

Matrix of 72 Degrees for Absorption of Photons

This Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle follows the Theorem of Pythagoras as Chart 2 does the 72° Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle also in our DNA, follow the hypotenuse in red line from the +3 to a -3 in the Channel of Mirror or zero point, Chi Energy, Prana, Centralized Bioenergy, Now & Eternal Time We saw to the right in the Unit of Geometry a 72° triangle.

The Theorem of Pythagoras in the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle

The Theorem of Pythagoras in the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle

Here we have the Quadrature of the Circle with the speed of light. 90° x 4 = 360°. The movement appears to be a horizontal axis but it is really a zig-zag diagonal movement. Why? Because it is zig-zag the Vertical Axis when it begins to pull up makes a zig-zag movement that will structure within himself the Vertical Axis. This zig-zag diagonal is done like that because it is building a crescent rectangle triangle of the theorem of Pythagoras:

1 2 3 E = mc2 justifies that the speed of light increases to a square.

The “Theorem of Pythagoras : “In a right angled triangle the square of the

hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. So:

4 5 6 C2= a2+b2”

The hypotenuse will always be diagonal and changes in value. Confront “ Curso

De Capacitación Personal Triunfe en la Vida”, Chapt. IX p.p. 45-53 Copyright ©



The figure A) with the red lines represents how the second level of Consciousness gets at a 30° the light of God. This light forms our own light of our DNA. It is in Space 2 or the Horizontal Axis and Vertical Axis.

Figure B) is in Space 3 or the two Axis: Horizontal axis Vertical plus back and front or a third dimension; back = past time, front = future time. In figure B): the chain of the DNA has a width of 22-26 angstroms (or 2.2 – 2.6 nanometers). The unit of the nucleotides in long has 3.3 angstroms (or 0.33nm). We can see the greatness of Our Father Creator where in the language of the sacred numbers in Kabala 22 and 26 he gives us as his light is the movement of his light filaments in our DNA.

The name in Hebrew: Yod(10)+He(5)+Vau(6)+He(5) = 26

We resonate with the DNA of our creator (The source of all light and energy) from 22-26 angstroms “The Mantra of Abundance In Our Third Level of Consciousness” by Karisma gives a powerful opportunity to balance our DNA as we listen, lasting 22 minutes: Yod-He-Vau-He.

In this Matrix we will find a 60° triangle as a Unit of Geometry because we are following our DNA, like this in the red line as crescent rectangle-Triangle of the Theorem of Pythagoras in the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle.

Click here to see this matrix


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