Quartz vibration effects are related to Bioenergy. The flow and movement of Bioenergy is observed in two ways due to the acceleration on Energy/Light (Energy or Light).Then from this point of view we can determine or specify to what dimension-anti dimension it belongs, and to which of our bodies it is ruling, as the physical, emotional, mind, soul or spirit.

Two ways to observe Bioenergy:

A) As a Vertical Axis. In this channel the flow and movement of Energy/Light comes from the birth or beginning in God our creator and represents all life, in Men, Animal, Vegetal and Mineral Kingdoms. In the Vertical Axis Energy/Light flow the speed of light is accelerated from 300,000 Km./Sec. and mayor increments of it. The direction of time flow when seen as a Horizontal Axis in the process of being accelerated is in three movements of 30˚each, so then it will arise as a Vertical Axis at 90 ˚. The direction of time flow here is seen as you follow the vector and the charge of space – time or gravity-antigravity:

ß (-), (it means counter clockwise), from future-present-past. For the healing process one of the most important things to have in mind is that the flow o f Energy/Light in this Vertical Axis the three fields that act in all atomic systems are unified: the magnetic, field, the electric field, the  gravitation  and its mirror image the anti gravitation fields. Each field has a charge that acts in space or time and gravity or antigravity. The charge of the magnetic field is (+) rules over the double movement of rotation and translation of our planet earth, and objective time, as well over the nucleus of the atom and the proton; the  charge of the electric field is (-) rules on  subjective time, using as a ruler  the speed of light at 300,000 Km. / Sec. ,as well as in the orbit of the atom and the electron(2-12 photons make one electron).In the flow movement as a Merkaba in both Axes, Vertical and Horizontal, the oscillation, of the magnetic field moves in a 30˚angle,while the electric field in a 45˚, the relation of the flow movement to time-angles is 15˚and represents present time by doing a subtraction 45- 30=15.So time is an acceleration or increase or a decrease of the speed of light which gives a specific location   called dimension or ant-dimension. As an attachment of a resonance effect, the magnetic field goes to a gravitation effect. This gravitation effect has a vector flow of Energy/Light movement, direction → and charge (+). Why? The charge potential is unified to space or time or gravity-antigravity so we can understand simultaneously what occurs in both Axes, what occurs in the clockwise movement (+), and the counter clock movement or an automatic and continuum Merkaba

cfr. page: the Theorem of Pythagoras in the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle, the Merkaba of Space-Time…  So we can understand the simultaneous action as the oscillation of the incurved and curving of Energy/Light lines (in the change of acceleration of the speed of light) from one dimension: recto lines, to anti -dimension: curved lines, until it forms the asymmetric logarithm spiral geometric structure of the do, re, mi, fa, sol. (Please observe the drawing), so we can understand the reasons of how we can have health and be healed by the Quartz vibration. So Gravity gives a   gravitation effect and works at a 90˚ angle, so it is view in a Vertical channel or Axis. When gravity is operating the speed of light becomes less. As  antigravity operates the speed of light increases.  Each effect like gravity has its mirror effect as antigravity, with an opposite charge and flow of Energy/Light. The crystal bowl healing simultaneously operates in both Axes, in a harmonic Merkaba. It gives by a sound vibration the needs each person has in all of her bodies: physical, emotional, mind, soul and spirit.

Antigravity its vector and charge are:

↑    (-) An antigravity effect  in the unified system of measurements in the New Transformed Physics Karisma  works, by resonance of charge has an attachment to an electric field.

Our ant-dimensional bodies such as the emotional, mind, soul, and spiritual belong to the invisible world, not to the visible or dimensional world of our five senses. The Quartz and the crystal-quartz bowl healing vibration will adjust in an automatic way all our bodies in the visible and invisible worlds. This is from the source of all Energy/Light in the invisible world, to us in the visible and vice versa.

An example of how gravity and antigravity work in our daily life:

An artist has a song he sings in the radio. People listens then they buy the record. The reasons of why they buy the record, is because of the love it communicates, because of the words that make the person feel and think in one way or the other will have an effect in the anti gravitation field (anti- dimension),and by attachment and resonance of charge to the electric fields(-) but in a (dimension).The charge of the anti- dimension (gives the subjective time flow movement) and will accelerate the Energy/Light flow of the electric field(-) in a dimension, so in a molecular view will have an alkaline organism effect in his health. When people buy and pay money for the record, that money has the attachment to the  third dimension resonance of charge (+),and Vector to gravity, and to the magnetic field in the atomic system of the person(as well as in objective time flow: past-present-future).So it will give an effect in all. The simultaneous movement is done from 30˚of the magnetic field in three movements so it can form the Vertical Axis, now the contact is done in one movement because of the resonance effect of the attachment of charges, the same occurs with the anti gravitation and electric field, from 45˚, the two movements of 45˚ needed to do the Vertical Axis at 90˚, is done in one movement by the resonance effect of the attachment of charges. (This can be observed under the Unified System of Measurements Karisma is using).

B) The Horizontal Axis, belongs to our every day living in third dimension, and physical body. So by our errors, egos, fears, behavior, food etc, we split the unification of the three fields and the alkaline process at a molecular action in our atomic system in a dimension plane. The vector and charge  à (+) that belongs to this plane.

The Quartz and the crystal-quartz bowl healing vibration adjusts and adapts the natural recycling of Energy/Light in our atomic system bringing health to us, in both the Vertical and Horizontal Axes, and all what they represent.

What exactly happens with the quartz vibration effects in the process of our atomic system and its three fields(magnetic, electric, gravitation – anti gravitation),in relation to time, health, rejuvenation,  fatigue, tension within Bioenergy in both Axes: the Vertical Axis with a Centralized Bioenergy, and the Horizontal Axis with a not Centralized Bioenergy or Decentralized  Bioenergy ;so our atomic system movement in its Energy/Light and its angles 30˚, 45˚can keep tuned up and give us health, youth and the freedom of tension and fatigue? (This is exactly a continuum Merkaba in a harmonic and balance flow of Energy/Light). →    ←

(+)    (-)

1) As it has been said it is very important the unification of the three fields so we can have an excellent atomic system that can keep health, youth and the freedom of tension and fatigue,(in the interchange contact and adjustment from one Axis, the Vertical one, to the other Axis , the Horizontal one,(this movements are view by angles and vectors, and charges in space-time, gravity-antigravity).When an angle of 90° or Vertical Axis is observed, it is the flow of Energy/Light from God to us; then when it has a (-) charge and we see it  as a Horizontal Axis ß is because of the illusion of the process of deceleration of the flow movement of Energy/light of the dissension of God’s Light to us.

2) In order to have the frequency of Light as an emission of an atom we must have a relation to the number of revolutions in a second (a measure of time), the electron can do around its nucleus. This is the frequency of the electron. (From 2 to 12 photons built up an electron).And within the photons that come from our Sun, the light of God is given to us in our atomic system inside the electron, and from here he will have our DNA helix opening; so to be able to liberate our Light Body we need a minimum of 4.6 helixes or an acceleration of the speed of light at our atomic system in 466,000 Km. / Sec. This means that the revolution of our atoms which built our cells should move at that rate. The quartz vibration in the healing process of the crystalquartz bowls healing and harmonizing of our cells help to speed our atomic system.

This is what happens then in the channel of Centralized Bioenergy in the Vertical Axis:

The lines of a force (taking the photon as a force in movement, pass by the mass, as a state of concentrated Energy, as Einstein taught us,( E=mc²);they cause the oscillation of the atomic particles that emit this Energy/Light and they are like certain gravitation wave with a vector direction of the flow of Energy  or Light( following Einstein’s equation for the two behaviors of light in a dimension and anti-dimension plane, that is as a particle or photon or as a wave, E=hc/ λ  ) in the physical body or a dimension or visible world (E); hc/ λ  in the invisible world or anti-dimension.  The gravitation effect is following a flow movement like this:

At 90°(Vertical Axis)  ↓   The  charge in space, or time, or as seen in gravity (+).When we observe the Horizontal effect of gravity à at 180° with a (+) charge, it represents the ascension or acceleration over our Karma  (errors, sins, egos, fears, obstacles, etc.) of the Energy/Light in our atomic system. Gravity acts as an opposition or dense action of our effort to overcome Karma. When antigravity operates we liberate Karma. How? With our love, compassion, hope, mercy, charity, etc.

The radiation in the invisible world or anti-dimension, where antigravity belongs, as well to our bodies such as: emotional, mental, soul, and spiritual, its vector direction flow of Energy or Light is   ↑. Its charge in space, or time, as seen in antigravity is (-).This is the Energy /Light clairvoyants and people with Extra Sensorial Powers can sense.

The effect of gravity or the gravitation forces    ↓ (+) help to built up the Quartz.

This quartz as is built up with gravity will be attracting and focusing gravity and its anti-dimension or antigravity within its geometric structure. Why can the quartz do this most easily under the crystalquartz bowls healing when it is absorbed by the person who is being healed?

Because the quartz and the crystal-quartz bowl healing can adjust or adapt the acceleration of Energy/light from he Horizontal Axis toward future, or rise the light of God that is out of order(or rhythm) in the Horizontal Axis (the everyday life of people in third dimension).The quartz absorbed the light from God and can store it. The crystal-quartz bowl healing projects this Energy/light as sound vibration and the person who is being healed absorbs and assimilates it in all of his or her bodies: physical, emotional, mind, soul, and spirit. All this is a multidimensional concept in a Third Level Consciousness. Then in an automatic way the quartz will adjust and adapt the needed Energy/Light to people that uses it, exactly in what the Horizontal Axis flow Energy/Light in time or space or gravity represents. Its flow direction is:à its charge (+), the flow and acceleration of time is from past-present-future The adjustment that the quartz does is in giving the correct angle of 30˚when the Energy/Light is accelerated after (0), in Planck’s constant, in the Horizontal Axis, and the Energy /Light that is decelerating from the infinite of God to (h) Planck’s constant, in a 45˚ angle. The time flow direction or vector and its charge in space, or time, or antigravity is (as it is decelerating the Energy/Light that comes from the source of God our Creator).

ß  (-).The direction of time is from future-present-past. The present momentum comes as Karisma said from the subtraction of

45˚- 30=15˚.

In this Horizontal Axis ß (-) at 180° the process of coming down the Energy/Light from God that is taken from a Vertical Axis Energy/Light flow  as it decelerates as (anti-dimension ) (-),and then is when we can observe it in a horizontal line and  becomes a Horizontal Axis ß (-) at 180° . (It means it is decelerating the dissension of the light of God).

So time is an acceleration or deceleration of the speed of light and will give us the dimension or anti-dimension in each musical octave of the spiral movement of Energy/Light as God created it. This is the spiral geometric structure of how God represents himself in nature in his creation. It means how we must accelerate the Energy/Light of all our bodies to be able to absorb the light of God. Observe the relation of each musical tone to each Chakra, as a relation of sound or light every Chakra has to de diatonic scale of music (Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do). © p 2007 BY KARISMA.

In the diatonic musical scale man is structured up by the waves of space-time around him: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. When we are healing with the crystal-quartz bowls we use a diatonic or chromatic tone as  part of the scale for each bowl. That is how God’s vibration as sound is in the crystal-quartz bowl, and is given to us in the healing process.

An inter-change of symmetric (with recto or straight lines) and asymmetric geometry (with curved lines) are structures that the quartz has with the adjustments done by the quartz to its users, will storage in the asymmetric structure with its time pattern; then any living organism as well as any person can get an extra amount of Energy/Light and photons which are used to reinforce life, health, youth, beauty and success to any person. This Energy/Light and photons as an additional amount are store to be liberated when needed, and the person can absorb  them to reduce the lack of health, the aging process as well as fatigue, tension or stress.(It means the quartz and crystal-quartz healing give the liberation of God’s light in our electrons (and photons which built them).

Our life is an interchange of Energy/Light from Centralized Bioenergy to Decentralized Bioenergy, from us to our space around us. It is from divine or perfect and correct acceleration of the speed of light (with a higher speed than 300,000 Km. / Sec.  for our emotional or subconscious body, 466,000 Km. / Sec. for our mental body, 533,000 Km. / Sec. for our soul body, 1,262,618Km. / Sec. for our spiritual body) without alterations from errors, egos, fears etc. from us in the Horizontal Axis.(These measurements are part of the New Physics Karisma is using and can be follow in the Matrix of the Quatrature of the Circle in  errors, fears egos alter the acceleration-deceleration of Energy/Light in the correct angles and is symbolized as sickness, aging, fatigue, tension, etc. The crystal-quartz bowls healing can fulfill and give what is needed to the person that uses it without that exact alteration   (that is when we do not have the correct tune up of our atomic system), the quartz gives it, in the form of a sound vibration healing process as a bowl. When an alteration is observed   in the correct angles of the Vertical-Horizontal Axes contacts and movements, when they are altered they will bring a slow down in the revolution of any atomic system, because it is not in the tune up in the helix opening as well as musical octave each person has as part of his evolution. In this planet we can have only five octaves for people vibrating in them.(From 2.5 up to 13 helixes).

In the Matrix of the Cuadrature of the Circle, in the New Physics Karisma handles:


0      1     2     3     1st Octave

-3      4     5     6     2nd Octave

-6      7     8     9     3rd Octave

-9      10   11   12   4th Octave

-12     13                 5th Octaves

A slow down of acceleration in the Energy/Light of the correct tune up or helix opening a person has (in the musical octave he vibrates), will mean sickness, aging, fatigue, tension or deterioration of all of his bodies: physical, emotional, soul and spiritual. (Each body has an  acceleration of the speed of light).

The Biodynamic relations that exist in a living organism.

All living organisms have an atomic system of particles with a certain electric charge with an action in space-time or gravity-antigravity. This is an important factor in all Biodynamic relations. (This biodynamic relation is the function that gives life, and health in an organism).The pattern of the atomic particle system has been called biological plasma or Bioenergy. Electrons have a big amount of biological plasma or Bioenergy. Remember that electrons are built up from 2-12 photons, and in the photons we have the light that God sends to us from our Sun in our solar system and from the Central Sun of our Galaxy in Orion.

The Pyramids in the Giza Plateau are oriented to Orion to absorb the Photons from the Central Sun and project them to our planet Earth by the (F) tone or heart chakra, the one that makes the transformation of the Third Level Consciousness in the Third Octave, and Fourth Octave vibration in Planet Earth.


The Constellation of Orion.

cfr, Booklet-Seminar p.p 44, 45 by Karisma

Why this happens? The mystery of the attachment of charge potential of the Electrons (-) (inside of them the photons), with the anti-gravitation field, in both dimension (visible world to our five senses), electron’s field (-) charge ← vector. The anti-dimension (invisible world, and the anti- gravitation field (-) charge  ↑ vector only by Extra sensorial Powers can be seen).The important observation is that one is a dimension, the other is an anti-dimension but they have the same action by the negative charge in space and in time, so gravity and gravitation effects are neutralized of density and of the non liberation of toxins in our physical body. As well as traumas, phobias, egos, fears in our emotional, mental, soul and spiritual bodies, where the action is as an anti-gravitation effect: charge (-) vector ↑.

Electrons are built up from 2-12 photons. A photon is a force in movement, and has a behavior as a particle in a dimension plane, it has the minimum velocity of the presence of God in its creation, as a vibration: from 266.000 Km. / sec to 300,000 Km. / Sec. It is as Energy/Light in a perfect state of equilibrium. The electric charge of the electron is (-) in a dimension plane. The action of this charge goes to space, to time and to gravity. The action of the electric field by a charge potential resonance does an attachment with the anti -gravitation field in an anti-dimension plane (or mirror), with a negative charge (-).The (-) charge of the anti-gravitation field helps very much in supporting a rhythmical contact to the electron that aligns the bodies in a dimension plane, that acts over our physical body, and the anti-gravitation field acts over our emotional, or subconscious, mental, soul and spiritual bodies.

(This is observed under the New Physics with a Unified System of Measurements) of Karisma.

Why it helps?

Because it has a higher acceleration of the speed of light, in what Energy/Light have an action within the space around us, simultaneously between objective and subjective time, and simultaneously too between gravity and antigravity, (it has an effect inside the atomic and molecular structures of the person and in the environment around the person). The quartz and crystal-quartz bowl healing do the automatic adjustment of the unification of the three fields and the electrons-antigravity resonance attachment charge with action in space, gravity-antigravity, as in time: objective and subjective. When objective and subjective time work rhythmical and well balance we come to a stage of Eternal Time. The electric, magnetic and gravitation forces in the environment damage or cause deterioration in the structure of the Biological Plasma or Decentralized Bioenergy in the Horizontal Axis; then this will provoke a discharge of Energy/Light that affects the physiological process and oxidation process. This discharge brings the lack of health, aging, fatigue and tension. The crystal-quartz bowl healing automatically will recharge the person by the way this person assimilates the sound vibration in his own cells and atomic system. Every person with a set of crystal-quartz bowls can heal himself.

The quartz and the crystal-quartz bowl healing can adjust and adapt the automatic inter-connection of the visible with the invisible worlds of third dimension as concentrated energy in mass of our physical body, with the invisible world of fourth, fifth, sixth anti-dimension of liberated energy, of our emotional, mind, soul, and spiritual bodies. The quartz as a structure material of the bowl charges and discharges both worlds (and dimension-anti-dimension) in harmony, to keep life, health and success to its users.

The unification the quartz does of Quantum Mechanics and Gravitation Forces.

The quartz can open the distance of the interval that closes during the momentum of the contact between the Vertical Axis (of Centralized Bioenergy), and the Horizontal Axis of (Decentralized Bioenergy), in an automatic charge-discharge of Energy/Light in an organism from the unification it does of Quantum Mechanic and Gravitation Forces and its effects, in the way Karisma has explained. When the interval closes in the movement of the asymmetric logarithmic spiral or Phi =(1.6180339890= 72◦) (see the do, re, mi, fa, sol, spiral geometric structure as each of our atoms in our atomic system behaves, moves and transforms) is when we do not get the amount of Energy/Light of God via Electrons and Photons needed to restore health. Exactly this interval (in the New Physics Karisma handles),she observes and measures it between the 266,000 Km./ Sec. and 300,000 Km./ Sec. the momentum of doing the contact from third dimension to fourth anti-dimension, it is when mass is liberated into energy, and we can follow it  by Einstein in his equation of the transformation and liberation of mass as concentrated energy, to liberated energy: E=mc².The crystal-quartz bowls healing automatically opens this intervals in the correct angle in each cell and adjust the distance between each spiral or interval of the musical  tones of the scale between  the chakras. Then the Phi balance is reestablished.

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