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KarismaKarisma is a graduate from the Mexican “Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey México. She is also a paranormal reader and interpreter, a researcher in quantum physics and writer, with ability to visualize the following disorders by her extrasensory perceptions. She manages music therapy and the soothing effects of the crystal-quartz singing bowls on individuals that are circumstantially out of balance within themselves and the natural forces of mother earth, she is versed in the three most common disorders in young people today, such as:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd)
  • Oppositional defiant disorder (odd)
  • Conduct disorder

Karisma calls this as a syndrome of hyper (space-time-antigravity).

As an expert Parapsychologist and knowledge with the tarot cards, she uses the geometrical pattern of the Phi ratio asymmetric logarithmic spiral in space-time under the Matrix of the Quadrature of the circle in our DNA flow movement, to liberate our errors, obstacles or karmas from this life or those passives of energy/light that are not tuned up of our past lives. With 7 to 10 decks of the 22 mayor arcana cards (in sacred geometry DNA tarot readings). We can see through the cards the persons around us and circumstances of our lives to understand more clearly as a projection in a motion picture. When we are able to understand the relation of our family and friends, the why, the how of conflicts we are able to liberate them. Musical-Gematria and the crystal-quartz singing bowls are a great tool and support for all of this balancing of energy/light in our sub-consciousness or emotional or astral bodies in the now time.

When we have a support in this geometrical pattern of the Phi ratio time will work in a Merkaba flow as an acceleration or de-acceleration of the speed of light with a location in space or dimension-anti-dimension. A dimension is connected to a vector flow of energy/light from past-present-future → (+).an anti-dimension is connected to a vector flow of energy/light from future-present past ← (-).

Parapsychology is the science that teaches us among other things, how our bodies of waves such as our emotions where our character and personality are created, the field of our dreams, hypnosis and sub-consciousness and astral life works. It is a channel with a certain frequency. Here we have in a higher frequency the channel of the waves of our thoughts and the extra sensorial powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, teletherapy.

The energy that gives light and health as well as luck is bioenergy. It is too the channel of chi, prana, the diatonic scale of music or the asymmetric logarithmic spiral (by this mirror channel you are able to study the Matrices of the Quadrature of the circle). It is the mathematical conception of the zero point. Here in this channel, is the secret of our life, health, beauty, getting old and sickness. They come as part of not being able to recycle the chromatic scale of music (which represents our ascension as we evolve toward our creator).with the diatonic scale of music, there is no recycling in a rhythmical tune up of our atomic system of all our cells with the energy/light of the dissension (of God) of the diatonic musical scale.

Our health, sickness and aging processes depend from the correct absorption of light either as a photon in the visible reality or as a quantum in the invisible reality. Our creator or God is very accelerated light. That is why one of the reasons of his mind projection of the map of his creation is his own DNA in the geometrical pattern of Pi and Phi inter-recycling from a Base2 system to a Base3 system. (see all the Matrixes of the Quadrature of the Circle).

When Einstein said that” gravity was the curvature of space-time” for mankind, he had a very advanced concept of evolution and consciousness.

Gravity represents our errors, obstacles and Karmas .So if we do not understand them we will be trapped in a Pi (3.1416 close circle or in the Maya or illusion state of consciousness.) So if we stay in straight lines (up to 266,000km/sec. of the speed of light) we will not be able to contact the quantum or invisible wave in its second identity of light which is at 300,000km/sec. Here we are contacting the diatonic scale or asymmetric logarithmic spiral and open circle and the curve line. Then we are able to recycle the light of our cells automatically recharging with our creators light in a Phi ratio (1.6180339890= 72°).

Pi is in the rhythm of particles. Phi is in the rhythm of waves as it is in geometry. Geometry is a part of mathematics.

We can go in nature to squares and circles. In some way, nature gives us the “square of a Base2 system (0, 1).with identical area as a circle (which belongs to dynamic geometry or (a Base3 system 0, 1, 2). In the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle we have been able to solve this problem.


Its effects go deep in science (such as is physics, mathematics, biology, linguistics), in religion or mystics as our system of believes. So under a transformed new Physics with a unified system of measurements, Karisma is doing the application of the Matrix of the Quadrature of the

Circle in literature, poetry, music, physics, crystal-quartz singing bowls, our consciousness, conduct behavior and the abolition of the principle of uncertainty. She comes to the understanding that this uncertainty is a problem of the lack of God’s light in our consciousness.

At a second level of consciousness our energy/light flows of every atom is working  in a close circle and in static geometry, but as being a close circle (Pi) potentially it can be an open circle Phi when we learn to maintain the rhythmical Merkaba of light. When we learn to handle an open circle Phi we are able to shift to a third level consciousness and speed our DNA photons absorption in our helix opening.

  • Merkaba= Mer= light
  • Ka =spirit
  • Ba = reality

Our creator (God) as light is spirit. In every reality from us to God he will contact us and his creation in an electromagnetic light: clockwise, a positive charge (+) →as visible light to our 5 senses (a dimension); a negative charge (-) ← as the invisible light (counterclockwise), only seen with the extra sensorial powers or 6th sense, (or anti-dimension or mirror).

Some person once said squaring the circle is one of the few mathematical puzzles that have become commonly known outside of professional mathematical circles. Even if the people in the street do not know always exactly what it means they have probably heard of the problem and know that it is difficult or perhaps impossible. In fact, the phrase squaring the circle has filtered into our everyday language, suggesting a project that is doomed to failure.  Karisma says it does not failed, it is possible to do and follow all the matrices in this web page so you can understand a little more of this deep secret and hermetic dominion of the laws of nature in God’s creation. The Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle is similar to the tree of life in the Kabala under its mystical conception; also in its external knowledge the Tarot Cards and Astrology. Under the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle they all built the structure of the map of God’s creation in 8 universes. Once Moses gave the Egyptian gypsies the Tarot Cards so the hidden or hermetic value of it did not disappear from the earth, and as a game, the real hermetic and scientific value of it was hidden and only the initiates (all people that makes an effort to understand the laws of God and can follow them correctly within their understanding). Cfr. Karisma’s book “Curso de Capacitación Personal Triunfe en la Vida.” Here you are able to study the hermetic value of the Tarot Cards under the Matrix of the Quadrature of the Circle and do an application for your evolution.

Always a Base2 system can be changed to a Base3 system and recycle the cycle of construction-destruction or life-death in nature.

Among our products you will find an understanding and application of this matrix in books, cds, talismans, services (consultation, classes, workshops, and conferences).

Mantra a Sanskrit word which means, a rhythmical sound with a spiritual force for praying. It awakens the power of our mind and activates our will.

What is consciousness? Is the state of being aware of our acts, feelings and thoughts and our connection with others without conflicts.

The third level consciousness (or Christ consciousness), takes us to a respect among others as well for ourselves under the Holy Spirit’s grace unified with our creator: the source of all energy/light in our cosmos and 8 universes in it. We live in the 7th universe. His energy/light descends under the law of a musical diatonic scale. We ascend or evolve toward him under the law of a musical chromatic scale: this happens as we learn to liberate our errors, obstacles, limitations, sins or karmas. Then we pull up the frequency by octaves in our atomic system in relation to the absorption of photons in our DNA helixes.

  • You are unified with the grace of the Holy Spirit.
  • You are unified with the consciousness or teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • You are unified with the consciousness that is all the “work” of our father creator the Supreme Being.

The chromatic scale represents all of us ascending toward God (with the 12 chromatic semitones) in a Merkaba, with the dissensions of God’s energy/light, which vibrates inside the diatonic scale (with 5 tones and 2 semitones).

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